As The King Of Copy,
It Is My Honorable Duty To Skyrocket Your
Sales, Sanity, & Sovereignty...
To Keep Your Own Kingdom Thriving!

Let's evolve your online business into a cash collecting machine. My signature services will help you transform your sales funnels, landing pages, and online presentations into an automatic lead and sales generating juggernaut.

Time Is Money... Crafting Messages Directly To Your Target Customers And Clients Online Can Be A Daunting Task. There are as many methods of influence as there are people.

You no longer have to depend on a wild and unpredictable band of scavenger writers who may or may not fully understand your sales message.

As an established master wordsmith, I provide a one-stop, seamless, and integrated approach, which can be developed all-at-once, or in phases and
milestones depending on your needs.

I Offer Direct Response Copywriting For Three Key Aspects Of Your Business:

Sales Funnels

Your sales funnel starts with any form of targeted advertising that leads to your call to action. There are many steps along the way, and I write Facebook compliant ad copy and emails to help you build your list as well as strategize your entire offering. I ensure that you are building credibility, influence, and encouraging engagement at those pivotal transition moments which reveal buying your products, services, & courses is a must.

Landing Pages

Your landing pages are where conversion happens. Whether it's a small page, or a detailed informative page, an up-sell, a down sell, or cross sell, each page in your sales funnel has a unique purpose. Some pages are squeeze pages to get leads up front. Others are designed to generate additional sales revenue. I specialize in highly converting copywriting that optimizes what you have to offer. It all starts with making your great offer greater.

Scripting Web Events

These days online sales opportunities are massively expanding. A web event is everything from a pre recorded video sales letter, to a live webinar, or an evergreen webinar. It is absolutely essential that you work with a direct response copywriter who can help you research, plan, script snd write these key web events. I write scripts for any high ticket experiences you are selling such as seminars, courses, online universities, and masterminds.

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