What's My Process?

Every step of my process is geared to strategically help you position your products and services at the pinnacle of your market. For this purpose, we do a thorough analysis of your market, your current positioning, and your objectives.

Discovery Call:

Project Proposal:

Research & First Drafts:

Final Revisions:

How We Will Measure Success

Subjectively: Results

My focus as a consultant, strategist, and direct response copywriter is to provide your company high quality copy that influences customer/client sales. Not all of the copy I write can be valued in objective metrics. Sometimes people buy for subjective reasons.

They like how the unique selling proposition is written. They trust the way the founders, management, or staff are positioned. They are inspired by the stories in the copy. They like the personal lingo or jargon, or the voice in written emails. They admire product descriptions, product pages, and relevant ads that don’t seem pushy or overly “salesy.”

More importantly, people in general respond to universal language and psychology. We can still drive action, influence sales, maintain ad compliance, and brand reputation subjectively. These subjective areas can lead to more referrals, increased frequency of purchase for longer customer/client relationships, and high value purchases over time.

Objectively: Data

However, many aspects of my writing can also be measured scientifically and mathematically to improve our performance and ultimately increase profits.

If we can measure them, we can manage, and thereby improve them.

In today’s global online marketplace, we have the tools necessary to track key performance indicators as metrics and quantify whether certain aspects of my copy are moving the needle in your business.

For this reason, a key priority for me at the outset of working with you is to establish some clearly defined performance metrics that govern and guide copy I create on your company’s behalf.

With your assistance, and that of your team, or any data specialists we work with, we can agree upon which metrics to monitor out of these five main areas of your business where we will observe and analyze this data.

5 Key Performance Outcome Areas:

Customer Data
List Data
Paid Advertising Metrics
Sales KPIs
Existing Assets