High-Converting Sales Copy For High Value Coaches,
Consultants, And Entrepreneurs With High Ticket Offers


Which One Are You?


"I know I haven't been sending the right messages, Email campaigns, VSLs, & Sales pages to attract my
ideal coaching clients"

Coaches are extraordinary people. You are truly inspiring individuals and helping people live better lives. At the same time, caring, writing, and living is overwhelming, and you simply don't have the time to design and execute the proper digital marketing campaigns.

I'm A Coach!


"I'm doing well, making 6 figures,
but I'm not sure which messages
and funnels I need to execute to
make the leap to 7 figures."

Consultants are redefining our entire world. With done for you services and courses, literally remapping the education terrain. However, writing  books, course material, and every email and landing page is exhausting. You want pro copy to optimize your time.

I'm A Consultant!


"My team is assembled. I need Sales
pages, Emails, Ads, & Facebook compliant Ads that sell my products without getting banned."

Online Entrepreneurs have both immense opportunities and obstacles into today's online world. You have to cut through the clutter, yet not damage the reputation and equity of your brand. You know how to sell, you just want a pro to fine tune your signal amidst the chaos.

I'm An Entrepreneur

I'm Here To Help You Turn Your HighTicket
Sales Funnels Into Cash Machines.
Let's Map The Treasure In Your Sales Pipeline.

I consult, advise, and strategize day in and day out with entrepreneurs just like you.
I write persuasive direct response copy, within modern technical sales frameworks
with branding & calls to action that help you attract your ideal clients,
increase engagement, and create consistent online profit.

Nice To Meet You, I'm Bayo.
"The King Of Copywriting".

I Write Persuasively ...
And Relentlessly To Generate Leads And Sales...Consistently.

I'm An Author. Podcast Host.
Copywriter & Marketing Strategist.

What I would like for you to do.... is take a moment and imagine what it would be like to have a business strategist like me collaborating with your online sales process.

Imagine that... a writer with an executive mindset, marketing savvy, and a technically masterful wordsmith all in one, helping you fine tune your voice, brand, & delivery.

For one, I've been honing & implementing online marketing, sales, personal development, marketing principles, fulfillment, and success for over 20 years.

I've had my fair share of entrepreneurial ups and downs.

I know what it takes to launch, build trust with audiences, and create messages that resonate.

Thankfully, I've made it to the other side of those trying times. Often, we learn what works from what doesn't work.

As a result, I offer my clients a unique and decisive street savvy and entrepreneurial wisdom that sets me apart from my peers.

Copy Is Not Only About Choosing The Right Words...

It's Also About Understanding Human Nature

Phase 1:  Communicating your message starts with observing and researching your market in thorough and painstaking detail and knowing what to say, why to say it, who to say it to, and how to say it.

From my experience working with several clients, this is often the part you have dedicated the least time to. How do I know that? Because I know my clients!

Yet it accounts for over 80% of your results! 
Lucky for you, that's why you're going to hire me.

I research the hell out of markets. I have always been a keen observer of people, places, and things.

But more importantly I synthesize the pulse and why individuals in markets buy. I build and integrate that with our modern tools.

After some time, my awareness in marketing became more about pattern recognition. Now, I have systematized these essential parts of copywriting.

So in essence, the "writing" is the least part of your worries. The strategy, process, and implementation is where I reign supreme. I don't play guessing games with target markets. I listen to them. I become one with them. I breathe with them. I meditate on them.

I communicate with them until I understand them more than they understand themselves. I am relentless with this. I bridge high level strategy with gritty tactics.

My process is incredibly strategic. First, I map every single feature and benefit of your product in words like strands of DNA.

I examine them until I have the messages that resonate with your prospects pains, hopes, desires, fears, and triumphs every single time.

Phase 2:

Aligning The Tangible Features Of Your Product Or Service With Conceptual, Logical, Emotional, and Existential Benefits To Your Potential Client Or Customer.

Once we know with whom we are communicating, I close the gap with your sales channel delivery. Think Ads, landing pages, product pages, emails, etc.

What is the gap? The gap is the resistance between your product and/or service, and the decision for your prospects to buy it. Your sales funnel is your bridge. Frankly, most entrepreneurs and many copywriters are lazy. They think this gap will be closed automatically by luck, fancy words, and fate.

They slap up pages with a few features, a few benefits, some swiped copy, and they think it's enough to get someone to click through, and subscribe, buy, or sign up. However, it's 2021. AI & Machine learning is constantly breathing down our necks and evolving. We must do better!

Phase 3:

Codifying all the logical, emotional, and existential reasons for buying your product or service into the language and buying process of your ideal client or customer.

For me, the first two phases are exactingly scientific. In this phase I pull out my strategic, right brain, poetic, and literary story telling skills and get creative. Why!?

Because information is a commodity now. Attention is the currency of our modern times. Today's prospects want value every step of the way. They want to be entertained, intrigued, allured, and captivated. They want to buy, not "be sold."

At the same time, they desire to have their needs and wants met fully. This is my forte. This is what makes me great at what I do. As you can see, for me copywriting is none other than the magic of connecting words with the realities they represent.

It's a way to test my human potential. Human psychology is fascinating. It's fun for me! This is my livelihood. However, I also take it very seriously.

It's a way to make a difference in our world and deliver your valuable products and services to the people who want and need them.

Do not cut corners on investing in world-class sales copy. If you slack on your sales funnel strategy, and you cut off mass segments of your audience, or limit your potential,  none of us win.

"The best copywriters are masters of failure... yet they consistently learn and translate that failure into feedback, and feedback into success."  - Bayo

It's much like the quote from Michael Jordan, "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

“Bayo, how can you specifically
help my business grow exponentially?”

I Strategize And Map Out Sales Funnels. I Write Email Sales Copy, Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns, Daily & Launch Emails, & E=Commerce Emails, etc.

I Advise, Tweak, And Amplify Irresistible Offers. I Write Squeeze Page Opt-Ins, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Product Pages, Up Sell & Downsell Pages, Cross sell pages.

I Consult, Storyboard, Write ,And Script Video Sales Letters, Presentations, And Webinars With Powerful Selling Language, 1 Minute up to 45 min.

Type Of Clients I Work With:

  • Have High Standards Of Excellence And Proven Impact In Their Market
  • Have Established Traffic Sources And Measurable KPI's And Metrics
  • Know Their Business Numbers With Absolute Clarity And Can Calculate ROI
  • Embody Integrity, Honor, Respect, And A Genuine Interest In Selling Ethically
  • Are Great Communicators, Collaborators, And Actively Assist In Campaign Success
  • Think Progressively With A Positive Mental Attitude And Abundance Mindset
  • Practitioners Of The Speed Of Trust Who Do Not Need Nor Want To Micromanage

Why Work With The King Of Copywriting?

You Are Royalty Deserving Absolute Certainty... You Get Great Every Step Of The Way And Not Second Guessing Your Choices.

You Can Relax... With Me You Are Certain You Are Covering Your Most Essential Sales Systems Online Rest Assured.

Return On Investment (ROI)...
My Chief Aim Is Always Making You Multiples Of What You Invest In My Services.

Highly Converting Sales Copy... You Are Receiving Copy That Has Risen To Victory
Through Battle Tested Feudal Copy Wars!

Exponential Growth Strategies...
With Every New Strategic Map And Communication Asset We Create For Your Company, We Create Leverage That Will Scale.

New Innovation & Discoveries...
With Every Campaign We Learn From A Feedback Loop That Strengthens Your Position and Further Success.

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